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Have you or a loved one been arrested? Whether guilty or innocent, every person who faces criminal prosecution in the Los Angeles and Southern California courts deserves to be represented by a knowledgeable, competent and experienced Los Angeles criminal attorney that can afford them the best opportunity to present their case and preserve the rights of the defendant.

Ramiro J. Lluis has been one of Los Angeles’ Premier Criminal Lawyers for the past 30 years. Mr. Lluis has represented clients in cases ranging from DUI’s to cases that have consisted of multiple murder Defendants. Whether it’s a case involving a DUI or one involving multiple murder defendants, every case deserves to be fought zealously in the Southern California criminal courts by a Los Angeles criminal lawyer like Mr. Lluis and his asociates, as every decision made can affect the lives of many.

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An Aggressive, Experienced and Reputable Criminal Attorney on Your Side

There is a invaluable value to having a criminal defense attorney that is aggressive, experienced and reputable in the local legal community. Mr. Lluis has been a fierce criminal defense attorney in the local Southern California Courts for over 35 years. His experience, knowledge and aggressiveness provides a invaluable asset when defending your case.

Experienced and Familiar with Local Southern California Courts

Something that is often overlooked by those looking for a criminal defense attorney is the experience and familiarity that criminal lawyer has with the local courts, the local District Attorneys, the Judges, the Clerks and the Staff. Its this experience and familiarity along with the right personality that makes a difference when a difference can be made.

Personal Connection with Your Criminal Attorney

One of the greatest advantages of being one of Mr. Lluis’ clients is the personal connection you get with your criminal lawyer. Our criminal law firm is smaller and allows you to have a personal connection with your criminal defense lawyer. The criminal lawyer you talk to and work with at the office is the same lawyer that represents you at court.


Criminal Lawyer

Crimes of Violence:

Our Criminal Attorneys can represent you in all violent crimes cases. This includes: Assault and battery charges, murder, manslaughter and other crimes that may consist of violent acts.

Criminal Lawyer

Drug Crimes:

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers can assist you with defending you against charges for drug crimes including: drug possession, drug sales, drug trafficking, drug transportation, drug manufacturing for all classes of narcotics.

Criminal Defense Lawyer


Our DUI Lawyers can assist you in challenging DUI or drunk driving charges filed against you. Our representation includes fighting for your criminal rights in the criminal courts as well as protecting you driving license with the California DMV.

Criminal Lawyer

Theft Crimes:

Our Criminal Attorneys will defend you against charges for theft crimes. Theft Crimes such as: Property Theft, Grand Theft Auto, as well as Robbery, Burglary, Larceny, Embezzlement, Fraud, and other White Collar Theft Crimes.

Criminal Lawyer

Sex Crimes:

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys will defend your rights in sex crimes charges filed against you.

Criminal Lawyer

Domestic Violence:

Our Criminal Defense Law Firm can assist you in protecting your freedom against charges filed against you for domestic violence.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Federal Crimes:

Our Criminal Attorneys have experience in the local Federal Criminal Courts and can represent you and protect your rights against Federal Criminal Charges filed against you.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Juvenile Crimes:

Our Criminal Law Firm has represented many juvenile defenders in the Juvenile Courts around Southern California for many different juvenile crimes.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Pre-File Charge Representation:

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys can represent you in the pre-file charge stage when the police are investigating you before the file charges.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Post Conviction Relief:

Our Criminal Defense Law Team can assist you in modifying or removing old convictions that affect your immigration status or employment status. Some of the post conviction remedies available are: expungement, withdraw plea, vacate judgment and Appeals.


For more information and a free consultation with a Criminal Defense Attorney about the charges you or a loved one are facing, contact the Law Offices of Ramiro J. Lluis, 205 South Broadway, Suite 1000, Los Angeles, California 90012. (213) 687-4412.

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