This article is all about how you can download Youtube video easily without using tubemate youtube downloader app. Yes if you are from Desktop/laptop then you can simple use chrome browser to download Youtube & other videos online. In chrome browser you have chrome extension which will do your task with ease.

Top 4 Chrome Extensions are:

  • Video downloader professional
  • Download Master
  • Adblock for Youtube
  • Free Video Downloader

1.Video Downloader Professional

This Chrome Extension is just another great tool for downloading and saving videos from YouTube. This extension is a highly developed tool and is well known for its user-friendly interface. Through this one can download the songs and videos without any issue. Video downloader professional is used by thousands of Smartphone users to download the videos from YouTube, as it supports many video formats enabling you to download the videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook and from a lot of other websites.


2.Download Master

This extension is another awesome tool for downloading YouTube videos, letting you download all kind of image, videos, pdf and any other file from the Web page. The downloading process of this extension is very simple, showing you the size of each and every file once you visit the page of the website that you like to download videos from.


3. AdBlock for YouTube

AdBlock for YouTube is another great extension for downloading videos from YouTube; since it offers you with lots of features to download the videos and playing it to your device, supporting all kind of web browser and file manager. Using it you will be able to create videos as well as playlist besides you can protect your personal videos by using it, the best part of this extension is that it plays and download each and every kind of video from YouTube.

Must Check: All iOS Users can use iTube app to download ideos on iphone & iPad.


4.Free Video Downloader

Free Video Downloader is a free extension which lets you download all kind of videos from YouTube and different websites without paying for it. This extension provides you with some of the best features that you might look for like making a list of your favorite videos, downloading online video formats such as Flv video, mp4, Avi, Asf, MPEG and different others.


All these Chrome extensions mentioned above are some of the best tools for downloading YouTube videos. They are just awesome for downloading videos and songs from the YouTube, all of them come with great features which you will learn once you start using them.

Any of these Chrome extensions will work fine and has been quite well received by people. So, choose any one of them and start downloading your favorite videos from YouTube and enjoy them offline.